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GSM PABX & Intercom System (1GSM + 8 Lines)

SIM Card Supported PABX & Intercom System

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PABX & Intercom System with SIM Card for your Home, Office & Factory

Capacity: 1 GSM, 1 CO (Landline), 8 Extension

Key feature: 

◆Built-in GSM module, support GSM sim card as trunk line

◆PSTN & GSM network can be accessed simultaneously. customer can choose the least cost tariff line to make call.

Basic features

◆DISA:20s in three segment

◆OGM can be recording by telephone, or download from PC

◆Caller ID(external, intercom, transfer CLI)

◆Operator/Auto-attendant work mode

◆Memory dialing(Abberviated dialing)

◆Incoming call can be forward to mobile phone automatically

◆Call transfer

◆Call forward

◆Call pickup

◆Call barge in

◆Call restriction(class assignment)

◆Ext number flexible coding

◆Ext number query

◆Outgoing call transfer

◆Multiple dial out mode

◆Internal hotline

◆Do not Disturb(DND)

◆Three party conference

◆Least cost routing(LCR)

◆CO Line group/Ext. group

◆Door phone & Door opener

◆Extension dynamic lock

◆Group call

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